Electrical – Master Window Switch

The master window switch is well known for failing at some point due to its cheap plastic and faulty design.

Replacement Options

Finding a new switch from Toyota is nearly impossible, and even when one exists it is very expensive.

A used switch can often be found on eBay or elsewhere, but because these switches have also seen use and are over 25 years old, they will likely fail soon.

The best option (in my opinion) is to build your own switch.

Master Switch Diagram

Here is a diagram that I made using the BGB and a multimeter on my own master switch:

Master Window Switch - Diagram
Master Window Switch – Diagram

Master Switch Gallery


  1. I admire the work you’ve done on this site. Very Helpful. Have you thought of adding a passenger-side set of relays? Lowering the current at the master-switch will reduce its failure rate.

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