Intake – Short Ram and Tapped AFM

This guide covers two things:

  • How to replace the stock air filter with a cone filter.
  • How to tap the AFM (Air Flow Meter) for the vacuum lines that were previously on the stock intake tubing.

Parts List


Remove the Stock Intake

  1. Remove the snorkel that goes around the battery.
  2. Remove the stock drum style air filter canister.
  3. Disconnect the vacuum lines connected to the stock intake coupler.
  4. Disconnect the AFM’s electrical connector, and remove the AFM from the coupler.
  5. Remove the stock coupler from the throttle body.
  6. Take off the stock filter plate from the AFM.

Prepare the New Intake

  1. Mark a spot on the AFM where you want to tap it for the vacuum lines.
  2. Drill a 7/16″ hole in the AFM — start with a small drill bit and keep increasing drill bit sizes until you reach 7/16″.
  3. Use the NPT 1/4″ tap to tap the hole (Note: Since NPT threads are tapered you will need to decide how deep you want to tap).
  4. Put PTFE tape over the NPT fitting’s threads and screw it into the AFM.
  5. Drill holes in the AFM Adapter to match the holes on the AFM.

Install the New Intake

  1. Attach the AFM adapter to the AFM (Note: RTV silicone or a gasket can be used here if desired).
  2. Attach the cone filter to the AFM adapter, and tighten down a hose clamp over it.
  3. Connect the 2.75″ side of the new coupler to the AFM.
  4. Connect everything to the throttle body using the 2.5″ side of the new coupler.
  5. Tighten down two hose clamps on the new coupler to secure it.
  6. Connect a 6 mm vacuum line to the barb on the AFM.
  7. Connect a Y junction to the 6 mm vacuum line.
  8. Connect one side of the Y junction to the AC VSV (Air Conditioning Vacuum Switch Valve) using a 6 mm vacuum line.
  9. Connect the remaining side of the Y junction to the Idle-Up VSV using a 3 mm vacuum line.
  10. Secure the new intake however you see fit (the coupler is strong enough on its own but you may want to help support it).
  11. Start up the car and enjoy the new intake sounds.

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