Third Brake Light

Electrical – Third Brake Light

This tutorial will go over how to add a third brake light for better visibility when braking.

Parts List


Initially I was going to mount this on the back of the spoiler, but because of how bright this LED light tube is I decided to mount this just under the trunk lid — to prevent others from being blinded while driving behind me.

If you want to use a different light or placement I highly recommend that you plan out what kind of light you want, and where it’s going to go, before starting anything else


1. Clean the area where the LED strip will be going. In my case this was the plastic lip just below the trunk lid but above the license plate.

2. Align the center of the LED strip with the center point of where you intend to mount it. To do this I used a ruler and masking tape:

LED Strip Alignment

3. Cut a small section out of the weather strip in the trunk for the LED strip’s wire:

LED Strip Secured

4. Close the trunk lid to and check to make sure that the placement looks good for you. I found that the light looked best if I mounted it as far forward (away from the trunk) as I could.

5. Attach two of the included mounting clips to the LED strip and use super glue along the entire length of the strip to secure it all in place (the light should be facing away from the trunk):

Secured with Super Glue

6. Use a crimp connector to connect the red positive wire on the LED strip to the green wire w/ white stripe on the tail light bundle. Then use another crimp connector to connect the black negative wire on the LED strip to the white wire w/ black stripe on the tail light bundle:

Brake Light Connections

7. Use a lighter or a heatgun to shrink wrap the connectors:


8. Go test it out by pressing the brake pedal:

Testing Brake Light

9. Close the trunk lid and enjoy your awesome new third brake light:

Third Brake Light

Third Brake Light 2

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