Well, Not Sure What I Expected…

So… Finally got word from my mechanic as to everything that he believes needs to be done for this car:

  • Radiator (it’s leaking and so is the bypass hose)
  • Cooling fan motor (it’s bad)
  • Timing Belt, tensioner, and water pump (timing belt is cracking and splitting in several places)
  • Distributor (oil seal is leaking)
  • Fuel injector and regulator (its leaking fuel badly)
  • EGR valve
  • Coolant Flush
  • Oil and oil filter change

The total damage: $2,160 with parts, labor, and taxes.

After some heavy debating I decided to have him go forward with these fixes.

I was almost tempted to do what I could and have him do the rest, but I lack the tools and the technical know how on how to do it.

Maybe I’ll ask if I can watch the tech while he works to see what all gets done to it, but we’ll see how that request goes lol.

On the bright side, he did say that the struts, shocks, and brakes are all in good condition. The steering wheel play will need some addressing in about nine months to a year, but will be fine for now.

So I’m ending up a bit over budget for a new car, and feel like the dude who sold me the car made out like a bandit at $2.2k. But whatever, it’ll be my baby now, and unless someone crashes into me, it’s not going anywhere.

My girlfriend is not too thrilled about the cost, and is in a bit of an “I told you so” with the whole situation. But she’s at least not being a bitch about it. She just thinks I’m an idiot (which I’ll admit I kind of am for still being in love with this car).

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