Rear Visor Fixed

The rear acrylic visor snapped in half the other week from heat and vibrationĀ  šŸ˜„



Since it is one of my favorite aspects of the AW11 I decided that I should either replace it or repairĀ it.


The cost to replace the rear visor was in the range of $150-300 (not including shipping) for used ones in good condition.


Given the amount of money I have put into this car already, I decided it’s best to keep with the pragmatic approach of just fixing it ā€” all it took was some super glue and epoxy. Here are the results:


It’s not super amazing, but it gets the job done and costs me nothing (I already had the super glue and epoxy sitting around from earlier projects).


The process was very straightforward and easy.

Step 1. Align the two pieces of the visor and use tape to hold them in place.


Step 2. Mix and apply epoxy along the crack. Use superglue between the molding and the visor (for better support along the majority of its length).


Step 3. Let it dry. Afterwards you can remove the tape.



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