Proud and Excited

I’m proud of myself. I drove the car down to the mechanic even though I was scared to death of stalling or crashing.

Everyone at the shop had something positive to say about my little AW11, and I felt pretty proud to own it.

Bob (the owner of the shop) took a look under the hood with me so I could show him the issues I had with the car. He was able to see that the gasoline smell was coming from a leak near the fuel injector rail, and he said he’d take care of my many concerns.

I’ve been waiting the past few days to get the car back (they are closed on the weekend and I brought it to them around noon on Friday), and will likely need to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday for them to get everything done.

I’m hoping things wont cost to much, but I’m fairly certain it wont.

While I wait I’m looking into options to fix up the aesthetics of the car.

I ordered a new head unit and speakers for the car:

KDC-258U – Kenwood Single DIN In-Dash CD/MP3 Stereo Receiver with USB/AUX Input

Metra 70-1398 Wiring Harness for Select 1982-1992 Toyota/Daihatsu Vehicles

Rockford Fosgate R14X2 Prime 4-Inch Full Range Coaxial Speaker – Set of 2

Grand Total: $118.83

The front speakers are 4″ in diameter and the rear speakers are 3.5″ in diameter.

From what I’ve been told though, the rear speakers kind of suck for placement and throw everything off (feels like listening to music with a single earbud on). So I’ve decided to just leave out the rear speakers and go with the front only.

I’m also looking into replacing the very dim and old headlights with something brighter and sexier (was looking at HIDs but they are all eBay crap that fucks everything up). I think I’ll go with some headlights similar to stock, but possibly with brighter Xenon or LEDs.

I know for sure that I’m going to tear apart the dash and instrument panel so I can replace the old and dead lights with some bright LEDs. The cabin light needs to be replaced for sure.

Oh, and I plan on tearing out the interior, putting some premium sound insulation down, and re-upholstering the interior.

I’ll post some pictures when I make these updates to show my progress on restoring this sweet MK1 MR2.

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