New Clutch

Got the new clutch in, and it’s nice!

With the new clutch and flushed transmission fluid I’m finding that it’s much easier to shift, and the engagement is solid. Unfortunately this has required me to re-learn how to drive this car all over again, but I’m not complaining too much =P

Total cost for the new clutch was $814.52 with a discount (thank you Bob and Scott!).

The aftermarket clutch kit’s seals weren’t fitting properly, so Scott hunted down factor Toyota seals like a boss.

Here is a picture of my old clutch disc:


As you can see, it’s completely gone. The pressure plate had a nice rainbow of discoloration due to the extreme temperatures it was reaching.

I have been driving around on the new clutch for a few days, and haven’t had an issue — except for the idling.

The idling is still “hunting”. The car starts cold and goes to 2k RPMs like it should, but then as it gets to NOT (normal operating temperature) it gets down to 1K and creeps up to 1600 RPM. When it hits 1600 RPM the computer cuts the fuel injectors, the car “dies” for a moment until the RPMs drop back down to a reasonable level (1K), and the cycle restarts.

Bob and Scott and Sunland Auto had tried diagnosing what was the issue, and found that it was the IACV (idle air control valve). It’s not closing like it should when the car gets to NOT. So we need a replacement.

Unfortunately, the IACV is no longer sold by Toyota, and all the places that have it in stock are either actually out of stock at $160, or have stock but the prices are $260+. Luckily for me though, I was able to find a used one in “good” condition on eBay for $30. So I bought it.

I’ll have Sunland Auto put it in when it gets here, and see if they can get the timing and idle adjusted where it needs to be. I’m confident that things will be fine once that part is in. But in the meantime, I am at least able to drive the car around without fear that it’s going to explode or die.

On a side note, tonight I cleaned up the interior and did my best to get rid of that old smell that was in there (I hate it so much). I think I did pretty well, since I can no longer smell the old scent unless I’m driving above 40 (the scent must be baked into the air vents =/).

The engine bay hood was also cleaned off on the inside. It’s clean enough to eat off of at this point, and makes the car look that much better when the hood is popped.

I replaced out the air filter with the one I bought on Parts Geek for $24. Here’s a comparison of the old filter with the new one:


I cleaned the intake piping and air filter cover to be doubly sure that the air coming in is as clean and unobstructed as it can be. It seemed to help, because going out to go get some fast food resulted in a pretty stable idle at 1400 RPMs.

So now that this car is finally getting to the point where I can see myself using it for the long haul, I went ahead and spent the $54 to get this custom license plate:


The DMV said if it is approved I should have it in four to six weeks =P

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