More Bad News

So I was planning on taking the MR2 to work today for overtime (to help pay for my bad investment), but last night during a test drive to work and back I had some bad things happen:

  • Both seat belts do not lock when they should (you could yank all day and not have it lock once).
  • There was a loud pop/snap sound in the rear driver’s side (axle?) that I couldn’t identify.
  • The engine was running really rough and would go between revving and sputtering/dying quickly.

At this point I acknowledge that this car was such a bad investment and I am a sucker for having bought it.

I’m debating between trying to fix it, sell it on Craiglist, or trade it in and start making payments on a much newer car that runs reliably.

My boss recommends that I list it up on Craigslist just to get an idea of what kind of price range I might be able to get for it, and to watch dealerships for a “minimum trade in value for any car”.

I have the parts on the way to fix the engine bay cooling fan, but I’m wary to want to put more money into this thing at the declining rate of fun I’m having with this car.

I’m going to call the mechanic that did the work and see if he can do something for free to get this running a bit better. If he can’t do it for free I’m going to start going to this Japanese car specialist and see if they fare any better with getting this car into tip-top shape. Either mechanic I’m going to ask that they show me everything that’s wrong while it’s on the lift and let me point out the issues I have with the car.

To summarize, in addition to the above issue, here are the issues I am aware of since my last review of the car:

  • The engine bay fan isn’t working and the engine bay cooling fan light is on: Instrument Panel Lights 2
  • There’s play in the steering wheel, and the suspension is very stiff.
  • The brake master cylinder looks like it is or was leaking (dried red fluid all over it): DSC_0672
  • The starter and alternator will need replacement in the next year (cables are frayed and corroded).
  • The dash has several serious cracks and the interior smells like shitty air-freshener: DSC_0495

Of course this all couldn’t have happened at a more opportune time than around Christmas and New Year’s…

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