It Lives!

Finally some good news for once. My engine bay cooling fan is working!

I went ahead and invested in a multimeter last night, and found that my old fan had no continuity on it. The new fan I received did though.

This morning I initially started with the task of following the lines for the temperature sensor from the fan computer, but gave up once I realized the whole harness was shit and needs to be redone at some point anyway.

Since the new fan should come on when connected without the temp sensor hooked up, I decided to put it in now.

Taking out the old fan and putting in the new one was a big pain in the ass. It could have been easier by dropping the engine out, but I don’t have the tools or time for that. I managed to get by with just moving a few vacuum lines and coolant hoses out of the way (for the most part).

After I got the new fan in I put the key in the “ON” position, and the engine bay cooling fan came on! I was so freakin’ happy.

Score one for the new guy!

Oh, and on another good note, I found out that the seat belts are not actually broken.

Unlike the seat belts I’m used to, which lock when you tug quickly on them, the ones in the AW11 use a “Vehicle Sensitive Retractor” (VSR). Which locks only when the car moves past a certain degree of angle. In the AW11 it’s 15º.

I’ll still likely replace the seat belts at some point, but I think the stock ones will be fine until I get mechanical and electrical issues under wraps.

I’ve decided I’m going to keep this car around and work on it as my project car and daily driver (bad combination, I know). But now I also have a backup plan: a multi-speed bicycle.

A bicycle will be good enough to get me to and from work (6.2 miles each way), and will double as a good workout.

I used to ride a bicycle to school from 6th grade to around 10th grade (2 miles each way), and was in great shape while doing it.

In any case, tomorrow I plan on bringing the car over to the mechanic that did the work recently so he can fix whatever else may be wrong (or at least tell me what else is wrong). After I get the car back I plan on actually using it to start getting to and from work, going to the grocery store, etc. It’ll now officially be my daily driver.

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