Initial Purchase

Just purchased a 1985 Toyota MR2 for $2,200. It’s always been a dream car of mine, but now it’s a reality.

Here are a few shots of the exterior:

And a few shots of the interior:


The previous owner (PO) had not taken care of the car very well, and neither have the past few owners it seems.

Here’s what I found to be wrong with the car on first inspection:

  • The cooling fan light comes on intermittently, and stays on for some time while driving.
  • The car smells of gasoline in the engine bay and driver’s cabin after the car has been running for a couple minutes.
  • The struts and suspension is all shot.
  • There’s a hole in the air intake pipe from a previous owner that used a self-tapping screw to put it back onto the air filter box.
  • Oil is caked all over the engine: DSC_0232
  • The stereo on the car appears to have been installed by an inexperienced high school kid (I’m just glad he used a fuse in the line from the battery).
  • The window motors work only from the driver’s side, and the driver’s side fails to go up or down unless you jiggle the window while doing so.
  • The AC does not appear to blow cold, or blow much at all.
  • The sunroof vibrates and makes noise while driving at highway speeds.
  • The interior is trash (looks like Dirty Mike and the Boys managed to have some fun in it).
  • The dash has some cracks in it: Interior - Glove Compartment Closed
  • There is only one key for the car.

After I did all the paperwork on it I did a more thorough inspection, and here is what I found wrong:

  • The driver’s side visor does not want to stay up (it was super annoying so I removed it).
  • The resonator box on the intake pipe was disconnected, and was just loosely held in the engine bay by dumb luck.

I reconnected the resonator box with the air intake pipe, and removed the driver’s side visor.

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