Getting There

Got the money pit back from the shop today, and it is running a lot better than it was before it went in.

The new motor mounts have helped considerably in preventing the motor from bouncing around like it was before, and the suspension seems a bit smoother because of it.

Unfortunately the clutch is so far gone now that it’s slipping to the point of being almost undriveable. There’s nothing like blasting everyone in traffic with a nice fresh breath of burning asbestos lol.

Tonight I’m going to be bringing the car back into shop for a full clutch job (clutch plate, pressure plate, throwout bearing, lapped flywheel, etc.). Bob quoted me an estimate at about $800 for the full job — which is more than fair I think, given all that he’s done so far for me.

The new Denso fuel pump (correction: the mechanic that was working on my car never actually put this in, and was later fired because of this and other screw ups), AFM, TPS, and miscellaneous fuel line fixes Sunland Auto has done has the car running much smoother. They said that it was hovering around 1K RPM when warm, but the engine still seems to be idling at around 1500 RPM for me after it warmed up. At one intersection the engine kept cutting out. RPMs would drop down to 1K when it cut, and then the engine would come back on and RPMs would go up to 1500. It did it about three or four times, in about three second intervals. It was very unsettling.

Bob was cool about it though, and said to bring it back by tonight so they can start work on the clutch and see if they could figure out what is causing the erratic idling. Several of his guys have looked at it and couldn’t reproduce it, but I understand that kind of thing happens (since I work in tech support I am familiar with it).

But here’s to hoping that this clutch job will bring some new life into the money pit.

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