Emissions Testing

I finally got around to updating this website some more (I hope you like the new look) and one of the more recent things I’ve dealt with was emissions testing.

I was worried that the car would fail due to something smog related, but surprisingly it ended up failing twice due to the previous owner putting a hole in the gas filler neck tube…

When I first got the car I remember removing an amp installed behind the driver’s seat with four inch wood screws (yes, that’s right, four inch wood screws). At the time I recall thinking, “what a fucking moron”. But by the time I got to doing emissions testing this April I had forgotten all about it.

Emissions testing kept failing due to being unable to pressurize the fuel tank. To make a long story short, I ultimately I gave up trying to fix it myself and ended up paying my mechanic $200 to fix it for me. He found the hole in the fuel filler neck and then it all came back to me. My mechanic told me it could be worse — he bought a new car back when he was 20 and the idiots installing his stereo put four holes in his fuel tank, which ended up costing him another $2K to get replaced.

After I got that fuel filler neck tube fixed I was able to pass emissions no problem. So now I’m good until 2018 with MR0010 (MR2) as my license plate.

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