Back From the Mechanic

The car was in the shop for weeks due to fluctuating idle and other oddities, but I finally got the car back yesterday!

It started up fine at the shop, I drove it home, and it then proceeded to leak coolant on my driveway… The leak was caused by the cracked and broken coolant overflow cap:


Luckily one of the mechanics I talked with was cool and gave me some parts to McGyver together a new cap:

Coolant Reservoir Cap

I drove it around again later that night without any serious issues, and my wife even got in on driving it! I am so proud of her for giving it a shot. She got the hang of manual transmission faster than I did, and didn’t stall once. She was even excited to be driving it around.

I also removed that stupid buzzer that sounds like cicadas fighting with chainsaws:





Now I’m going to need to find a more permanent option for my coolant reservoir, and start working on some of the other projects I have planned for this car.

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