Anxious for Tomorrow

Tonight was the second time I’ve driven this car, and a manual in general. I’ve got to get it to the mechanic tomorrow, and I’m so anxious about having to drive it to them lol.

They are on a bit of a hill, and their parking lot is so full all the time that I get scared trying to park my automatic vehicle there. I think I’ll give them a call ahead of time and tell them that when I get there I’m going to need someone to park it for me lol. It’s a bitch move, but it’s better than property damages.

Tonight the oil gauge rose while driving and stayed in the middle while idling. The cooling fan light was on the whole time, but the temperature never went up from the middle position. Shifting got easier, but I did lurch the car a few times when starting in first gear. Oddly, third gear seemed to have almost no acceleration, and the gasoline smell in the car was not very noticeable this time around.

I’m still wanting to get everything checked out before I get too involved with learning manual transmission though. I think I’m going to drive the automatic for this work week, and pick up the practice again next Tuesday (when my weekend starts).

Oh, and I found out through a forum post that Mk. I MR2s all seem to have the voltmeter gauge needle bounce while signaling.

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